See-Tech LTD can offer a wide range of Panelboards designed and manufactured to BS 61439-2, to suit both the customer's needs and also the consultant’s requirements. We can supply a fully built and tested standard manufacturers board, but can also offer a fully bespoke unit for the more complex applications. Our Panelboards are efficiently designed to allow the most flexibility of circuit arrangement and to secure a balanced electrical load on each phase, achieved through a sequence phase connection of branch circuit devices. Our quality design ensures that the current carrying parts are protected from damage and that the equipment operates at the highest standards.

General Technical Data and Features

  • Top or Bottom incomer configuration
  • Busbar arrangements available in 250A, 630A, 800A and 1600A (Bespoke Only) upto 50kA ASTA certified for 1 second
  • Between 4 to 18 Triple Pole ways (Standard), and 2 to 82 Triple pole ways (Bespoke Group Mounted Solution) can be offered
  • Single pole, Double pole, Three pole and Four pole devices can be fitted
  • All MCCB device types can be fitted including Thermal Magnetic and Electronic
  • All MCCB devices can be fitted with a range of Control options including Motor Operators
  • Outgoing MCCBs upto 630A are available with either a 25kA, 36kA and 50kA breaking capacity
  • Segregation available from 3b type 2 to 4 type 6 on all designs
  • Both Wall/floor standing arrangements are available with optional floor plinths if required

We can offer and manufacture Panelboards both standard and bespoke using most main manufacturers including Schneider, Siemens, ABB and Terasaki

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