Power Factor Correction

Many electricity companies charge a penalty tariff for using electrical energy inefficiently. This can be an expensive cost and combined with the additional cost of inefficient electricity. By reducing the amount of electrical power you consume, you can reduce your electricity costs, reduce the burden on equipment and release your load capacity to be used elsewhere. You eliminate the wasted electricity previously produced by power stations therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions. All PFC units are manufactured in accordance with the international standards IEC 61439-2

General Technical Data and Features

  • Our automatic PFC modules can be supplied in their own stand-alone enclosures or can be installed into existing switchgear.
  • Control is automatically achieved using 6 or 12 stage relays supplied pre-programmed to suit individual requirements.
  • Each PFC system incorporates a safety protection system built into each capacitor element.
    Standard or detuned PFC can be supplied to suit your application.

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